Oh Donut Even

Finding a vintage tuxedo jacket is something I wish employers would accept as an "accomplishment" on job applications. I don't wear it as much as I should but I love throwing it in unexpected places, like on top of an adorable QTee graphic! I love getting to customize my own tees, and I never run out of options with them. I wore my tee and tux jacket with some almost-boyfriend jeans and my Steve Madden strappy heels for a slightly casual slightly profesh look!
Well my finals are over, winter break is here, and I'll be in San Francisco before I know it! Get ready for some regular posting in some cool locations, I am so excited for the next three weeks!

shirt- c/o QTee (x)
jacket- Vintage
jeans- Urban Outfitters
shoes- Steve Madden


Plaid About It

This is my last post before finals week, gross. I wore this look last week and this little park was so irresistibly gloomy and fall-y I had to stop and shoot. 
Here we find another example of my ridiculous tendency to play with proportions. Micro skirt with a macro flannel? Why not? The winter colors were just too perfect with each other and I saw another golden opportunity to wear tights, so it was all systems go. Flannels are such a great extra layer to just throw on with everything, they're light but warm and in my opinion they look rad with anything. 
Sorry for not writing as much, but I'm going to go study for my AP Psych final and try not to cry myself into a personal lake. Goodbye my lovely readers, and good luck if you're going through finals! Study hard but remember to take breaks and keep a positive mindset! 

flannel- vintage
skirt- J. Crew
tank- DIY
tights- H&M
boots- Dr. Martens


Sicker Than Your Average

Hellooo and happy Friday! My sporadic posting will continue because finals are next week so I will be living in a sweatpants and iced coffee-fueled anxious state until I can settle into Winter Break. Until then, lets talk about my adorable new bag/shoes/jacket! 
Well I've wanted a pair of Juju jellies for years, I happened to be on the Urban Outfitters website on Cyber Monday and I found some for $20! They're normally about $50 so of course I ordered them ASAP and started planning outfits around them. My jacket is from a two-piece track suit that I found while thrifting; it's 100% silk and the print is just badass enough for me to excuse the pink-ness. My adorable bag is from QTee, one of my favorite sites that lets you customize your own cute shirt/bag/underwear/hat/shoes! My purist self had to get black and white, but there are so many colors to choose from (use my code QTA15 for 15% off!) so check it out! I kept my proportions perfectly askew with my boyfriend jeans and crop top- shout out to LA for pulling through with crop top weather in December. 

bag- c/o QTee (x)
jacket- thrifted
jeans- Crossroads
shoes- Juju Jellies (x)
necklace- Brandy Melville 
tank- H&M


Wildest Moments

My mom's first comment when I walked out of my room with this dress: "you look like you should have 19 kids and counting."
Well, I found this at a thrift store and envisioned it as a kimono (which will definitely happen soon), but I figured out that I love it as a dress! I love the big flowy fit and the buttons, which I left partially undone to keep the frumpiness in check. Easy accessorizing with my go-to necklace and birkenstocks, and I was ready to go. Wearing clunky shoes with a dress is such a perfect contrast, I wear my birks with everything, have no fear when it comes to your style! Experimenting is the best way to find out what you like, remember to travel outside the box once and awhile. I'm so drawn to pieces that look photogenic, capturing the movement of clothes is so magical and I'll never get tired of it. 
I have so many things to photograph and show you guys, and my writing may be a bit off lately due to a severe lack of sleep. I hope you had a rad and positive Monday, I'll talk to you soon!

Dress- thrifted
shoes- Birkenstocks


I'd Pity Him

Seriously loving the AHS Coven/Wednesday Addams vibes that my outfit was throwing out today. Super bonus points for you if you know what quote I'm referencing in my title (-: 
Sorry for not posting in forever, this past week was insanely stressful due to school and a constant sleep-deprived state that hinders my fashion sense. But don't worry your pretty little heads about me, I will always come back! 
It's finally tights-weather, I broke out my black tights for the first time in months with my navy floral dress, black cardi, and beatle boots. I threw on my black hat for the coven-effect; I wish my hair was still long enough to do the double french braids because that's exactly  the look I was going for. The "no black and blue" rule so ridiculous to me, I hate all fashion "rules" but I just really don't understand what's wrong with navy and blue. Who even creates these rules? When did they become a thing? The most important thing to remember about these rules is that you should break them at all times. 

sweater- Urban Outfitters
dress- H&M
tights- H&M
boots- Steve Madden
hat- H&M