Wasted Time

Helloooooo! It's my first post as a 17-year-old! My birthday was Friday and it's been the best birthday I've ever had, although I'm pretty sure I say that every year. Santa Monica Pier, Disneyland, family dinner, and in 24 hours I'll be back in San Francisco. I'm a happy camper. 
Spring Break is here, which means my arms and legs are feeling sunshine for the first time in a while. I'm snatching my opportunity to bring my warm weather pieces back out, starting with these lacey shorts. I love these shorts because they have a Spring-y vibe without being cheap or having the trying-to-hard-to-be-coachella look. I paired them with a delicate little cami from Urban, my favorite bralette, and as many little necklaces as I could possibly wear without tipping over. I grounded the look with my new chunky sandals, their color and texture is absolutely perfect for Spring!
Lately I've been drawn to very green settings for my shoots, what are your thoughts? I feel like detailed natural backgrounds might take away from the clothes, so I might be back to my alleys soon. My next post will be coming from San Francisco, talk to you soon!

shorts- Forever 21
cami- Urban Outfitters
bralette- Urban Outfitters
necklaces- H&M
shoes- Steve Madden 


Field Trippin

Field trips are the treasured days of every year from kindergarten on, and living in Los Angeles has definite field-trip-perks. Today's adventure was a train ride to the Central Library downtown, and Olvera Street for lunch. These photos are just snippets of the day that I managed to capture with my best friend, who is the only person I know that can absolutely rock double-denim. 
For maximum comfort I went to my all-black instincts; black jeans and cropped/sleeveless turtleneck did the trick. My oxfords are go-tos for days with lots of walking, and my Calvin denim jacket is the perfect last layer for changing weather and monochromatic looks. 
Hopefully I'll get a full detailed post up tomorrow, but my birthday is on Friday so I've been very busy! Talk to you soon xoxo

jeans- Urban Outfitters
top- thrifted
jacket- Calvin Klein (vintage)
shoes- Dr. Martens
bag- Steve Madden


Know Yourself

Back to black.
Isn't it irritating when two black pieces don't quite match?! It sounds ridiculous, but I swear it's a real problem! I have a feeling that today was my last sweater-skirt combo for a while, my weather-denial is going to cost me a heat stroke one of these days. 
This lovely cable knit was scored at my last thrifting excursion, and I tucked it into my uber reliable black leather skirt. My leopard smoking slippers was a little pop of print, and delicate gold accessories balanced the heavy sweater.  

sweater- thrifted
skirt- Urban Outfitters
shoes- Steve Madden 


Plain and Simple

I guess you could say I'm neck-deep in turtlenecks at this point. How many turtlenecks can one legally own before turning into a librarian?!
Today's look was comfy and simple, with some nice gloomy weather to go with it. I thrifted this cream sleeveless turtleneck a few weekends ago, and decided to wear it today with my patchy boyfriend jeans and more of my simple favorites. A black cardigan, docs, and choker kept the look grounded and proportional. Sometimes it's so lovely to just wear solid pieces together, no fuss and no discomfort. 

turtleneck- thrifted
cardigan- Urban Outfitters
jeans- Lucky Brand
shoes- Dr. Martens


Pinch Me

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I didn't go head-to-toe neon like some people did, but I managed to fit some green in. 
Today's look was all about contrast. Featherweight skirt tucked in to a heavy corduroy skirt, topped off with a tough moto jacket. There's nothing I love more than mixing textures, is more subtle than mixing loud prints but still makes a big impact on any outfit. I'm trying to squeeze every last drop out of my cold-weather pieces, because Los Angeles is already in the 80 degree zone that will only increase as summer gets closer. Expect lots more leather and turtlenecks, at least while I can still breathe in them! 

skirt- Urban Outfitters
top- thrifted
crop top(underneath)- H&M
jacket- Celebrity Pink
oxfords- Dr. Martens

P.S. thank you so much for 12,000 views! I love how many people from so many different places I get to reach with this blog, and I am infinitely grateful! 



Yet another day of wearing all black and suffering in 80 degree weather. Oh Los Angeles, how you continue to surprise me with your raining-one-day-sunny-the-next weather. 
Anyways, I thought I'd break my silk pants back out because it was a little too breezy to wear a skirt this morning. Another silk-on-silk combo called for my Free People tank, with little gold embroidered details. A black cardi was the perfect topper for this dis-proportioned look, with strappy Steve Madden heels and delicate gold accessories. 
Tomorrow I take the SAT, so please send some positive thoughts my way as I study my brains out for the rest of the night! 

pants- Urban Outfitters
tank- Free People
cardigan- Urban Outfitters
shoes- Steve Madden