Deal With It

Three things that I love most in life: sunsets, iced coffee, and snuggly flannels. Today I was lucky enough to get two of them simultaneously. As I was driving home I pulled into this parking lot to look at the sunset (with the convertible top down of course) and decided to snap some pictures of my comfy outfit that I wore today. Dreadful quality, I know, but just focus on the sky instead of the fuzziness. 
Well I've worn pants for the past three days in a row because of the cold/transitional weather, so today I wore my comfy t-shirt dress with my dad's SUPER comfy flannel and creepers. 
Are y'all excited for Halloween?!?! I am super duper excited, it is my favorite holiday and I'm so in love with my costume- I'll show you guys my costume tomorrow but for now it's a secret! Tell me what your costume is!

dress- H&M
flannel- vintage
creepers- Steve Madden


Tattooed Heart

I have photogenic days, and I have un-photogenic days. Today was certainly the latter. As you probably know by now my go-to aesthetic is either a grungey 16 year old looking for a horror VHS at Blockbuster in 1994, or a snazzy old man on vacation. Today I was a proud (and comfy) elderly tourist. My Urban Outfitters jeans are so comfy and perfectly-slouchy at this point in their life, I'm wearing them as much as I possibly can. Today I threw on my kimono-y button down and birkenstocks, and crafted a sad excuse for a topknot with my length of hair. 
In case you haven't noticed, I HIT 10,000 VIEWS! Check my Instagram if you want to see me be all mushy about it, but let me just say that I am so so so grateful for this blog and all you cuties who are reading it right now, this has been such a fun little journey that you've shared with me. So here's to the next 10,000- I'll talk to you soon loves. 

jeans- Urban Outfitters 
top- thrifted
crop top (underneath)- H&M
sandals- Birkenstocks


Simple Things

I adore simplicity, I crave simplicity in this crazy world. I wore this on Sunday and haven't gotten around to posting it until now, I'll save you from the lecture on how busy I am (again). Black and white is such an infinite and perfect combination that I will never run out of ways to use. Sundays are my closet-experimentation days but I went pretty neutral in a striped shirt, black jeans, beatle boots, and my chambray top. My mom actually entrusted me with one of her beloved Coach bags, I love this one because it's perfectly my size and it has the structured style I've been looking for forever. Cutting it short tonight due to looming piles of homework and an already-weak sleep schedule I need to maintain. See you soon my darlings xoxo

jeans- Urban Outfitters (x)
shirt- thrifted
denim shirt- thrifted
bag- coach
boots- Steve Madden (x)



Happy Thursday, or Friday, it's getting close to midnight. Well I was really digging my outfit today, but I ran a little late on taking photos so I had to use flash. Flash pictures are like sunset-lighting pictures, I absolutely love them every once and a while. Plus, velvet and flash photography were truly made for each other. 
I found this delicate velvet little thing at the Haight St. Crossroads during summer, it's so wonderfully different and I don't own anything else in this color. Today I layered it on top of my white H&M crop top and leather skirt. When I was on my way out of the house this morning I realized how cold it was outside (thank you, transitional weather) so I grabbed my mom's vintage Calvin Klein denim jacket. I'm convinced that this jacket and I were meant to be, and I finally get to use the #mycalvin that I find so pretentious and hilarious at the same time. And I finally got socks that are thick enough to withstand my oxfords for hours at a time, which means they will be worn much more often! What a successful day thanks to a successful look that made me happy. It's actually terrifying how my outfits have such heavy influence on daily mood. 

jacket- Calvin Klein
skirt- Urban Outfitters
top- vintage
crop top- H&M
oxfords- Dr. Martens 


Coming Up Roses

Oh my goodness, I'm pretty sure this is the longest time I've gone without posting! I am so sorry, I try to keep consistent with my beloved readers but I have so much going on. According to my Nike+ app, it's been a month and a half since my last run. That's how busy I am! So I pinky promise that I am keeping you guys a priority! 
Well this past weekend was absolutely perfect, sometimes I adore when my weekend is totally packed with activity. I FINALLY got to see Annabelle (horrible by the way) on Friday, Horror Nights on Saturday-awesome as usual, and the AIDS Walk on Sunday! I did the AIDS Walk with my best friend and it was so much fun, mostly because it's in West Hollywood and we were constantly making side-trips into vintage stores and cute cafes. Perhaps a post about it soon? 
I bought this sweater at the Goodwill on Beverly, we were there for hours and tried on sooo much stuff. As soon as I saw this sweater I had to buy it because it reminds me of the cool grandmas who still buy sparkly nail polish and wear perfectly-coordinated outfits while shopping for kale juice at Whole Foods. I aspire to be that type of senior citizen. 
For this Monday's look. I paired my new sweater with comfy and slightly-baggy Urban Outfitters jeans, Dr. Marten oxfords that I'm determined to break in, and a tank that is coincidentally the exact same shade as the sweater's details. I pulled over next to this sidewalk to take pictures as the sun was starting to set, simply because it seemed Autumn-y to me. Well I will certainly try to post within the next few days, love you lots! 

sweater- thrifted
jeans- Urban Outfitters
shoes- Dr. Martens
tank- Forever 21
bag- Urban Outfitters