It's Just a Shot Away


Long post for a long day spent adventure-ing in my city. Started off on Hollywood Blvd because the lovely We Heart It invited me to their first ever meet up, which was very fun! I met lots of cool people and got to have fun with cute little companies and fellow bloggers. After that was a hunt for Marilyn Monroe's star on the walk of fame, which I've seen dozens of times but can never remember where exactly it is. Of course, we walked almost a mile before turning around and finding out it was about five feet from where we parked. Then, finally, we went to the Taschen Gallery for their Rolling Stones photography exhibit. My parents are huge Rolling Stones fans, I've grown up listening to their records, and I happen to have a massive crush on young Mick Jagger. My respiratory system collapsed at least twice while looking at the dreamy photos of my favorite band in the world. Then we stopped at Milk for some ice cream sandwiches, and LACMA for some slow-shutter speed experimentation. 
For the inevitably long day today I wore an outfit that would be comfortable, warm, and versatile. A few weeks ago I tore my old Aeropostale jeans to shreds, and I wear them much more often now. The silky black tank from Forever 21 is a go-to for basic outfits, with my lace bralette peeking out. My fur coat and leopard smoking slippers were the perfect statement pieces to round out the basic look; the shoes are surprisingly comfortable and the coat is surprisingly warm. 

coat- Urban Outfitters
tank- Forever 21
jeans- Aeropostale (DIY distressed)
shoes- Steve Madden
bag- Coach 


Carl's Cameo

I bought this jacket with the idea of wearing it with leggings and sporty shoes, but since it's purchase it has been thrown on top of outfits that I never would have imagined (never once have I worn it during any type of actual athletic activity). 
Today's look was simple and easy, a tight cropped 3/4-sleeve under my statement jacket, all over some basic jeans and jellies for a touch of the unexpected. One of my favorite things about wearing nice pieces is the detail, I love a delicate crocheted collar or seeing a minuscule Adidas logo on a drawstring. My jellies continue to be broken in, I can now proudly get through the day without readjusting a hundred times or walking on eggshells to keep my feet from sliding around. I guess it's one baby step at a time. 

jacket- Adidas Originals
top- vintage
jeans- Urban Outfitters
shoes- Juju Jellies



Happy Tuesday! Another day of a genuinely colorful color palate. It's officially pathetic at this point, today more than one person commented on how I wasn't wearing black.
Today's cold-ish weather allowed a sweater/skirt combo, which I snagged as an opportunity to play with textures. I kept it minimal but loud with my navy quilted polka-dotted skirt and lace-cut-out blouse, and grounded the prints with a solid creamy cardigan. Docs added an edge to the look, and a new delicate Hamsa necklace from Chinatown was the final touch of delicacy.
Hopefully I'll keep up this color-streak, going pastel every once and a while is definitely refreshing.
Talk to you soon babes

skirt- thrifted
blouse- vintage
sweater- Alfani (vintage)
shoes- Dr. Martens



Saturday's adventures! Photo creds to my lovely best friend Emma, who took photos for me all day on her iPhone after I left my camera at home and had a mini panic attack about it. 
Our full-day adventure started in Chinatown, at a festival to celebrate the Lunar New Year. The vibe was very similar to the Summer Nights festival: food trucks, little boutique stands, live music, and an inch-thick layer of confetti on the ground. I absolutely adore the little shops in Chinatown, you can never have enough Buddha statues or mini bamboo planters in my opinion. After scouring every store we came across, Emma and I walked to Olvera Street for more shopping and people-watching. After a delicious sandwich at Phillipe's, we walked to Grand Park to rest our aching feet and do some cartwheeling before trekking all the way back to the car. I think real LA locals know that the city IS walkable, you can see some of the best parts of the inner city just by walking a few blocks. Although I can't really take my Steve Madden-clad feet from Los Feliz to the Art District, it's nice to walk down Broadway with a Phillipe's sandwich in hand, open to all the possibilities of downtown. 
The weather promised an overcast Saturday but the morning was sunny, so I covered all possible weather bases with my t-dress and leather jacket. Steve Madden chelsea boots were just comfy enough to carry me wherever the day did. Accessorized with a vintage beaded necklace, my usual hodgepodge of bracelets, and my beloved Marc Jacobs watch.  
Saturday was simply a wonderful day with my wonderful partner-in-crime, I'll be back with a killer look tomorrow. Have a great Tuesday xoxo

dress- H&M
jacket- Celebrity Pink
booties- Steve Madden
bag- Coach 
sunglasses- Forever 21
watch- Marc Jacobs


San Francisco: Part 3

The final San Francisco post! My second to last day in the city was spent in a simple go-to outfit: black skinnies, grey tee, and flannel. 
We started out the day with breakfast on Haight Street, one of my favorite spots. After eating and cruising the shops, we visited an aesthetically pleasing yet pretentious art museum that contained lots of antique mirrors for selfie taking. After the museum we set off on an impromptu hike down to Land's End Beach (keep in mind that I am wearing my Birkenstocks this entire time). Painful and sandy feet were a fair price to see the sunset over the rocks and waves. 
Well that's it for my San Francisco segments, until next time!

jeans- Urban Outfitters
tee- Gap
flannel- thrifted
shoes- Birkenstocks