Stockholm Syndrome

Yup, you know I've already memorized most of Four (One Direction's new album duh). My favorite song is Fools Gold, it makes me pretty sad but it's so perfect!
Well speaking of perfect, I am so in love with my new top it's ridiculous. I was at the mall over the weekend with my cousin and I found this in a random sport-y store. I'd seen this print on their signature track jacket online, but the store had tanks and leggings! I knew I had to get a tank top, I love how Adidas stays on top of fashion while sticking to their sporty classics. However, there is absolutely no chance that I will ever work out in this shirt and endanger it. Today was my last day of school before Thanksgiving break, and I went on a field trip to the Gene Autry museum! I broke in this top with the (suddenly) warm weather by tucking it into my black high waisted skinnies, and my creepers that are perfect for stomping around all day. 
I may not post for a few days, so I hope you all have a very fun and loving Thanksgiving! Spread love wherever you go and be grateful for who/what you have in life!

tank- Adidas
jeans- Urban Outfitters (x)
creepers- Steve Madden


The Return Of The Grandma-Sweater

Oh hey, two posts in a row! And I'm dressed somewhat-girly! What is happening?!
I broke out this sweater for the first time about a month ago, and I recently paired it with my navy skirt on an experimentation-day but ran out of daylight to show you. So here it is again! I find it difficult to pair things with this navy skirt, but the navy in this sweater is the exact same shade so I had to go for it. The colors and print of this top is so ridiculously feminine I had to add some me-touches- hence the oxfords, messy half bun and smudgy eyeliner (which was blindly applied in my school's bathroom because I feel naked without it). I love skirts and sweaters together, and hopefully I can start wearing tights soon as the weather finally decides whether or not it should be Fall yet in sunny California. As for now, I'm quite content with my grandma-sweaters. 

sweater- thrifted
skirt- J. Crew
tank- Forever 21
oxfords- Dr. Martens


Raised Up To Be Admired

Friday's outfit. Something about foggy skies make me want to dress like a snobby east-coaster, I'm not sure why but I dig it. The sweater-and-button-down combo is something I can't quite get comfortable with, I love how it looks but I feel so suffocated with the layers. Maybe I've grown so used to wearing oversized/men's clothes that `I forget how things are actually meant to fit. 
Anyways, this burgundy pleather skirt is one of the things that I really don't wear as often as I should. I find it increasingly difficult to break out of my all black/grey palate that has become auto-pilot during the week. The leather texture and rich color is so perfect for Winter and Fall, I'm already sorting through looks to put together. To stay warm I layered this comfy and simple grey crewneck over it, to be completely honest I wasn't wearing the button-down until I took these photos. I have no idea why I'm so uncomfortable in tight layers, but I temporarily sacrificed my comfort for an amazing outfit (story of my life). Finally, I added some excitement to the winter-chromatic ensemble with my new Steve Madden leopard smoking slippers. I completely advocate leopard as a neutral, it's hard to believe that they go with everything until you own your own. 
Well I'm off to bed, I'll talk to y'all soon with a rad outfit and probably some angsty advice. I hope you're having a great week so far; remember to stay positive, eat some fruit, tell someone you love them, and remember what you're grateful for. 

skirt- Forever 21
sweater- Hanes
button down- Gap
bag- Steve Madden
shoes- Steve Madden 



Throughout all of this crazy stuff lately, I still manage to look fantastic in a leather jacket. I'm just about 798798% done with everything right now and it's hard to focus on anything else. Including outfits. 
I wore my boyfriend jeans with a slouchy thrifted tee because it's a ridiculously comfy combination and I love how the slouch-on-slouch combo looks, especially with Birkenstocks. Throwing on my leather jacket is starting to become habit with this weather. 
Finally, can we just talk about how cool these pictures are? Spotting a random mirror against a building is definitely a valid reason to pull over from now on. I hope you all have a beautiful Friday and a super rad weekend, I'll post again soon- with a way more positive tone!

jeans- Lucky Brand
shirt- thrifted
jacket- American Rag
shoes- Birkenstocks



Some pretty old photos that were taken later at night than I'd like to admit. My schedule is slowly getting back to normal so hopefully my posting will be back to somewhat-regular within the next week or two. Been a rough few days, but having Kurt Cobain's face available every time I look down is a definite pick-me-up. Worn with my beloved high waisted jeans and vintage boots, I was ready to go. I probably wore my sunglasses because A) I didn't have enough time to put on my signature eyeliner or B) wearing sunglasses at night makes me shamelessly feel way more important than I am. 

shirt- Hot Topic 
jeans- Urban Outfitters (x)
boots- Vintage
sunglasses- Urban Outfitters



I PINKY PROMISE, this is my last post with horrible-quality pictures! From now on I will get a head start and beat the sunset!
Well when in doubt, chop it. That's been my t-shirt motto for years, but the other morning I took it to a whole new level. You've seen this dress before, it hits just below the knee. While rushing to get to school yet dissatisfied with my outfit, in a true testament to my character, I blindly cut about four inches off this dress instead of giving up on the outfit. The result was a curling, slanted hemline that I had strange confidence in for the remainder of the day. I wore my army jacket because 1) I'm in love with it 2) It's the perfect size for layering over dresses and 3) I recently bought a pin from MOCA that says "I'm on bath salts" and I really had to display it. Topped off with my Docs and a half-bun, I'd say my manic morning-cutting had a pretty cool result. 

dress- H&M
jacket- Crossroads
boots- Dr. Martens