Save Our Mermaids

 the color difference between my arms and legs... #convertibleproblems
Happy Friday! I usually don't post on Fridays because they're my t-shirt and jeans days, but this tank is too cute to hit the hamper un-posted. This adorable piece came from QTee, a truly awesome website with tons of cute designs that you can customize! I'm pretty boring so I just got black and white with a pop of pink, but you can seriously get any color or shape that you could possibly imagine. I chose this design because I love mermaids, and I opted for a racerback because I'm strangely addicted to racerbacks. I wore them with jeans to school, but I changed into my Levi's due to the crazy heat. California has absolutely no sense of Autumn. Or Winter. Or anything below 80 degrees. Anyways, I'll talk to you soon! Have a marvelous weekend xoxo

tank- c/o QTee (x)
shorts- vintage
creepers- Steve Madden (x)



Well hey there, happy Wednesday! Today has been so fun, I love days that are full of little adventures and today has certainly been one of those. 
Shoutout to Lauren for loaning me this kimono of all kimonos. It's huge, flowy, and dark; I found myself running down hallways or waving my arms just to feel the fabric billow behind me. I stopped to take these pictures just as a breeze started, basically a sign that this kimono was the right choice. 
I paired this baby with my leather skirt, white crop top, Birkenstocks, and dainty little necklaces. Playing with proportions is so much fun when you're wearing an Urban Outfitters parachute. I'm also obsessed with these half-up hair styles, my second-day hair options are limited with this length but it's forcing me to get creative. 
Talk to you tomorrow my radical little readers xoxo

kimono- Urban Outfitters
top- H&M
skirt- H&M


Seeing Violets

I finally own a pair of Jellies! I went to the Studio City Crossroads and I stumbled on these as I was walking out, I turned myself right back around and bought them without hesitation. I've been looking for a pair forever, and these are in my favorite color! I knew I had to play up the purple, so I paired them with my vintage bowling shirt and high waisted jeans for this candy-colored look. Still waiting for the day when I stop buying button up shirts, I got a particularly fantastic thing yesterday that I can't wait to share with you. Talk to you soon xoxo

top- vintage
jeans- Urban Outfitters (x)
shoes- Crossroads


Slouchy Happy

Happy Wednesday! I adore Wednesday because it's one of the two days in my week when I don't have to stay after school. Sometimes the week goes by in an instant and other times it feels like a century. Well this has been a crazy few days, specifically today, so I'm glad I could carve out some time and post today's outfit. I finally got a chance to wear my boyfriends again, this time around I wore a thrifted shirt that I haven't worn in too long and my Birkenstocks that are still a little dusty from One Direction. Slouchy-on-slouchy is an aesthetic that I am in love with and always will be, comfort and chicness are two things that need to go together more often. Paired with some berry lips and my Steve Madden school bag, and I was good to go and tackle my Wednesday. Hopefully the rest of my night will consist of reading and exercising, talk to you all soon. 

jeans- Lucky Brand
top- Thrifted
bag- Steve Madden


Through the Dark

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Oh my goodness, Saturday night was the best night of my entire life. I have been in love with One Direction for four years and I FINALLY got to see them live, it was so surreal. I was surprised at how good my view was, someday I'll be rich enough to sit in the first few rows. It's just so weird to see your favorite celebrities in real life instead of in pictures or videos, like they're actual human beings that are fifty feet away from you! What! I only cried once, and that was when Louis came out (he and Harry are my favorites but Louis is probably #1) I spent the whole night dancing and screaming lyrics to my favorite songs by my favorite boys, I tried to take good pictures but honestly I was more focused on enjoying the moment than watching it through a screen. 
I'm still so happy, singing along with 60,000 people and One Direction was the best thing I've ever done. This whole paragraph probably makes no sense, I'm too excited to put into words so just look at the pictures (and Instagram video) and I'll talk to you soon! 


Say It Ain't So

ANOTHER T-SHIRT DRESS! I'm becoming a borderline hoarder with t-dresses lately, what is this? They're just so deliciously comfy I can't resist. And at least this is a new color for me, sort of. Well I've always rebelled against the "no navy and black" rule, I think it's ridiculous. Who even made these "rules?" Clearly someone who didn't know fashion. Honestly fashion is about breaking the rules, not conforming to them. I proudly wore my navy dress with black sandals and black sunglasses, with some dainty jewelry to balance out the dress' big size. 
Tomorrow is my One Direction concert!!!!!! I'm so excited it's ridiculous, I will share my pictures (and outfit) as soon as I can! 

dress- H&M
sandals- H&M (old)
sunglasses- Urban Outfitters