Weather has not been on my side lately. Gloomy skies, which I normally love, have been drenched in a constant warm humidity that you can physically feel entering your throat as you breathe. Gross. 
However, nothing can stop me from having my spontaneous summer days when I'm in the mood to roam. 
Unfortunately, before I learned how much I hate humidity, I decided to wear jeans for the first time in weeks. I was just dying to wear this shirt, a vintage boy's pajama top that is uber comfy but still nice enough to wear out. It matched perfectly with my default skinnies, and I couldn't help but wear my superstars to finish the masculine vibe. I know I've said this before, but these shoes are undoubtedly my favorite pair that I own. They go with everything, and for some otherwordly reason they are still remarkably clean. 
Big news! After having this blog for over a year, I'm finally going to switch URL's. In a few days, I'm switching to giosterman.com! If you forget, you can just google my name (Gio Osterman) or find me on Instagram (@ostermangio) and you'll end up here. Thank you guys so much for constantly sharing my little piece of the internet with me, I'm so excited to keep growing and it is all thanks to you. 

top- Vintage
jeans- Urban Outfitters
shoes- Adidas
bag- Coach 


Mess is Mine

I woke up early this morning to the sound of...rain?????? Although I'm happy that the rain gods decided to smile on Southern California for the first time in ages, I could live without the insane humidity that came along with it. 
I threw this outfit on in a rush to get out the door this morning, but I fell in love with it. I bought these overalls years ago and they have remained one of my favorite pieces, even though I don't wear them as often as I should. The brick red color can be difficult to match with, so I usually end up grabbing basic tees to layer underneath. However, this morning's gloominess led me to my favorite comfy henley. Maybe this is just because I'm lazy, but I adore things that can be worn both in bed watching Netflix and strolling Rodeo Dr. looking for a brunch spot. Versatility to the max. 
Anyways, I'm going to Seattle in almost a week!! This outfit is definitely coming with me. But if any of you know the groovy spots in Seattle, let me know on Instagram (@ostermangio) or in the comments! I'll only be there for a weekend, but I want to explore as much as possible. Thanks! 

overalls- vintage
henley- Urban Outfitters
boots- Dr. Martens 


Something New

Happy Monday! 
I'm completely in love with boho fashion and lifestyles, but for some reason I've never quite felt comfortable within the boho style. Unfortunately/fortunately, I'm more comfortable in a pair of black silk trousers and a turtleneck than in hippie dresses and flared jeans. Who knows, maybe somewhere along the journey of self discovery I have before me I'll go completely bohemian. I'll keep you updated on that. 
Anyways, sometimes I find ways to have a slightly boho vibe! This dress is actually my mom's bathing suit coverup, she bought it years ago and I've had my eyes on it ever since. White cotton is so effortlessly summery to me, and I love how soft and light I feel while twirling around (because dresses like this require constant twirling). The fabric is just sheer enough to let my favorite bralette peek out. A floppy hat, fringe bag, and simple necklace were the only touches I needed, along with my chelsea boots that can easily pass for boho if paired with the right pieces. 
Fleetwood Mac/Anita Pallenberg vibes out of the wazoo. Lovin it. 

hat- Topshop
boots- Steve Madden
bag- H&M
necklace- H&M



Oh boy, I guess my involuntary mini-hiatus is over! A lack of sanity and resources in the past week or so has kept me from shooting and posting, and I can't even begin to apologize. This blog is such a big part of my life and my happiness, I hate being away from it. But I'm back!
Nothing says LA Summer more than a plain tee, some destroyed cutoffs, and sneakers. It's basic, but if played correctly it can be just as fashionable as any fancy getup. This thrifted double-pocket tee perfectly covered my high waisted shorts, recently chopped a few inches shorter and now dripping thread. My trusty Superstars have been a summer staple for me, they chameleon with any vibe or look. One long necklace was the single girly touch that finished everything off. 
I know I've been inconsistent lately, but I promise to post regularly starting now. Life gets crazy, but I just know that this chaos is pushing me towards something wonderful. Stay positive guys. 

tee- thrifted
shorts- Levi's (vintage)
shoes- Adidas 
sicks- Target
necklace- H&M


Seeing Melroses

 Hey there! Tons of crazy stuff has kept me from posting, but here's a quickie from my latest trip down Melrose. 
I recently (finally) bought the Calvin Klein sports bra I've had my eye on for years. I chose the white color because I knew I could pair it with anything, especially my sporty favorites. I first saw it with my silky black trousers, which are light enough for summer only if balanced with a crop top like my Calvin. The peculiar gloomy weather made me reach for my cozy Dior cardigan, and the sporty vibe of the look demanded some classic Adidas Superstars. One long delicate necklace was the only accessory I needed, it softened the look and balanced the sports bra. It took my ages to finally buy this sports bra because honestly, I was terrified of just wearing it as a top. Jumping into new fashion territory with new pieces or trends can be scary, but pairing them with your favorite oldies and tweaking them to fit your style can make anything approachable. The most important thing is to be COMFORTABLE and CONFIDENT! 

bra- Calvin Klein
pants- Urban Outfitters
cardigan- Dior
shoes- Adidas 
necklace- H&M
bag- Coach


Romp the Yard

Nobody gets me like Adidas. Nobody. 
I've had my eyes on some rompers lately, and this light as a feather piece fell into my hands while in Santa Monica. The color is definitely out of my comfort zone, but the sporty vibe is just what I needed in my revamped summer wardrobe. Paired with my sparkly jellies, trusty bag, and iced latte, I was ready to tackle the zillion degree day. 

romper- Adidas Originals 
shoes- Juju Jellies
bag- H&M
sunglasses- Urban Outfitters