Elephant In the Room

A brief, whitewashed overview of my day out yesterday!
I'm absolutely in love with my new pants, they're surprisingly affordable and a portion of every purchase goes to the African Wildlife Foundation. Sold.
The weird gloomy weather has passed and LA is now bathed in sunshine, perfect weather to drop everything and head for a LACMA visit and a walk around Beverly Hills. The closer I get to leaving for college, the more I appreciate living in this absolutely beautiful city.
My new pants needed some thin layers, a la my threadbare tank and lace bralette. A moto jacket grounded it all, with some platforms sandals and my new fringe bag that will definitely get it's own post in the near future. I've wanted a fringe bag for so long, they add an element of drama to every outfit and it's surprisingly versatile.

tank- thrifted
jacket- Celebrity Pink
bralette- Urban Outfitters
shoes- Chinese Laundry
bag- H&M


Shades of Beige

Went swimming in a sea of silky material today, occasionally anchored by a bit of leather. 
I've recently started a journey to get more styles of pants that aren't jeans, and I surprised myself by finding several pairs while thrifting this weekend. This camel pair is my absolute favorite, I bought them without trying them on yet they fit perfectly. Tucked in was my new sleeveless silk number that feels like an absolute dream. One of those shirts that you just sit and stroke until you realize how weird it is to sit in class and stroke your silk-clad stomach. Yup, you know what I mean. Minimal accessories and chunky platforms topped it all off. 

pants- thrifted
tank- Express
shoes- Chinese Laundry


A Little Off the Top

A quick, gloomy weathered, makeup free shoot today right after thrifting. I got so much new stuff that I'm really excited to show you guys! Oh, and I got half my hair chopped off again. 
Although I love cold weather with it's cozy lattes and fuzzy sweaters, I really can't wait for summer. No school, daily posting, and beach trips are much needed. 
I wore candy pastels on this thrifting trip to brighten my cloud-dulled spirits, and unintentionally came out looking like a hip 90's soccer mom-which I loved. I'm in love with my lavender sweater because it is warm and comfy with a super happy color. High waisted Levi's balanced the sweater, with pink socks and my unbelievably clean Superstars to keep comfy and somewhat warm. 

sweater- American Apparel 
shorts- Levi's (vintage)
socks- Target
shoes- Adidas


Shades of Blue

I love little pockets of cold weather in the last few weeks before Summer...
Super simple layering today, I sweater-swapped with my best friend and immediately planned to wear this navy knit cardi with my slouchiest jeans and smoking loafers. Blue-on-blue is one of my favorite combinations, something about blue is so calming and comfortable. The heaviness ended with my slim and structured loafers, which also added a pop of print in the midst of blue. A couple delicate necklaces balanced out the slouchy sweater. 

sweater- thrifted
jeans- Lucky Brand
shoes- Steve Madden


Seeing Rosy

I may wear this corduroy skirt a little too often but I can't help myself from mixing it with different colors, textures, and styles every few days. 
I rarely wear my tuxedo shirt to school because of it's formality, but I just fell in love with it contrasted against the green cords. My oxfords were perfect for keeping the schoolgirl-ish vibe, and Starry Night socks are always a good idea. I have so many cool socks that I want to wear more, but I'm always hesitant with what shoes/outfits to pair them with. Yet another trend I'll overcome with your help! Please please please give me sock inspo/ideas on instagram (@ostermangio) or in the comments! 

skirt- Crossroads
shirt- Urban Outfitters
shoes- Dr. Martens
socks- Sock It To Me


No Flock

Visited some old favorite spots and made some new favorite spots, a.k.a. all I need for a perfect day.
Lately I've been craving simplicity in what I wear, maybe because school and everything else is so chaotic. My past few purchases have been classic and simple, including this thrifted cotton blouse. It's airiness needed layering and chunky accessories, and some simple color balance with a green bustier-top and black jeans. I love my gold bamboo necklace because it makes a statement without being too flashy, and my platform sandals just make every outfit more interesting. Another jumble of textures, colors and styles that came together in a comfy and chic look (that took me from Grand Central Market to the abandoned zoo).
Today we visited the White Out by Vincent Lamouroux on Sunset and Bates, it was very very cool and you should definitely check it out if you're nearby!  

blouse- thrifted
bustier- Urban Oufitters
jeans- Urban Outfitters
necklace- Forever 21
shoes- Buffalo Exchange
sunglasses- Urban Outfitters


Knit Picky

A much needed Friday of Urth Caffe-eating, Mother's Day-shopping, and Pasadena-wandering with my best friend. 
Another rainy day, another heavy sweater. I got weird looks all day for wearing a dress, but this slouchy piece is cozy enough to keep my LA-bred internal temperature in check. The babydoll shape and loose sleeves make it summer acceptable, I can't wait to experiment with layering and de-layering. When the temps dropped, I threw on my shearling coat that makes me feel like a very hip grandma. The hugeness of the dress and coat required minimal accessories: chelsea boots and a little black crossbody were just enough. Optional but recommended, a giant stuffed octopus hat. 

dress- Calvin Klein (vintage)
coat- thrifted
bag- Forever 21
boots- Steve Madden