For No One

Triple digit temps have me reaching for my crispest whites and lightest jeans. 
I really don't wear this tuxedo top as often as I should, I'm intimidated by the high collar for some reason. However, it was refreshing and comfortable when paired with my light high waisted jeans and Superstars. I can't even remember the last time I wore black, whites and light pastels are the only colors I can tolerate lately. 

top- Urban Outfitters
jeans- Urban Outfitters
shoes- Adidas
watch- Michael Kors


Menswear Sleepwear

Nothing like some men's pajamas and unusually poofy hair. 
As usual, yesterday I piled on menswear with one feminine piece for balance. My vintage pajama top has become a staple, the soft cotton and navy piping get me every time. A navy miniskirt created the perfect proportion, and some oxfords and a menswear inspired watch rounded everything out. 

top- vintage
skirt- J. Crew
shoes- Dr. Martens
watch- Michael Kors


Trust Your Instinct

Random adventures with my best friend around the most beautiful city on earth that I'm lucky enough to call home. Sometimes when the GPS loses it's mind and you take the wrong exit and and up on a different freeway, you just might end up with a beautiful bridge and view that you've never really noticed before. One positive about going back to school, I begin to appreciate my Saturdays so much more. 
It's a guaranteed good night when the fur coat comes out. Every once and a while I just need to feel ridiculously glam, and that's a feeling that can only be satisfied by my black Urban faux fur. Due to the lingering warm summer nights, I threw it on over my shortest shorts and lightest tee. To maximize the drama, I grabbed my super chunky and high heeled boots. The best kind of outfits are the ones that make you feel like you belong in a Sofia Coppola movie, LA sunsets and driving with the convertible top down definitely helps. 

jacket- Urban Outfitters
shorts- Levi's (vintage)
tee- H&M
bralette- Urban Outfitters
boots- Steve Madden 


Friday Blues

One of fall's biggest trends is denim: shirts, skirts, overalls, good old jeans, and my favorite-dresses. Wearing denim in unexpected ways and shapes is so much fun, and denim can literally be worn with everything. I snagged this dress the other day while thrifting, and I immediately wanted to layer it for a look that could transition me into fall. Warmer weather made me reach for this light short sleeve, but I can't wait to slip it over turtlenecks and sweaters! To complete the 70's schoolteacher vibe, I put on my vintage choker and Steve Madden booties. Now all I need is cooler weather, and I'll be as happy as can be. 

dress- thrifted
shirt- Vintage
booties- Steve Madden



  Just a few favorites thrown together in a last ditch effort to leave the house on time. 
I love this outfit because I got to mix textures, proportions, and styles while staying in my favorite color palate- or lack thereof. Sometimes I'm just in the mood to throw a heavy cotton tee on top of a delicate high waisted skirt, and usually this type of laziness pays off with a great look. The long tee left just a slice of skirt showing, making my legs look miles long and giving a hardness to the skirt's floral embroidery. To further the proportion imbalance and give my legs some more attention, platform sandals finished everything off. 

skirt- thrifted
tee- thrifted
sandals- Chinese Laundry 


Seattle: Part 2 of 4

Wow, remember when I was blonde?! 
Our second day in the city started at Pike's Place Market, where I snacked on a watermelon for breakfast and watched some fish being thrown around to the tourist's delight (including me). Breakfast part two consisted of a mind blowing doughnut from Top Pot, along with my usual soy vanilla latte. My family and I then roamed around Discovery Park, reminded of the lush nature that is everywhere in Seattle and nowhere in LA. 

dress- Zara
bag- H&M
shoes- Adidas
sunglasses- Urban Outfitters