Seeing Melroses

 Hey there! Tons of crazy stuff has kept me from posting, but here's a quickie from my latest trip down Melrose. 
I recently (finally) bought the Calvin Klein sports bra I've had my eye on for years. I chose the white color because I knew I could pair it with anything, especially my sporty favorites. I first saw it with my silky black trousers, which are light enough for summer only if balanced with a crop top like my Calvin. The peculiar gloomy weather made me reach for my cozy Dior cardigan, and the sporty vibe of the look demanded some classic Adidas Superstars. One long delicate necklace was the only accessory I needed, it softened the look and balanced the sports bra. It took my ages to finally buy this sports bra because honestly, I was terrified of just wearing it as a top. Jumping into new fashion territory with new pieces or trends can be scary, but pairing them with your favorite oldies and tweaking them to fit your style can make anything approachable. The most important thing is to be COMFORTABLE and CONFIDENT! 

bra- Calvin Klein
pants- Urban Outfitters
cardigan- Dior
shoes- Adidas 
necklace- H&M
bag- Coach


Romp the Yard

Nobody gets me like Adidas. Nobody. 
I've had my eyes on some rompers lately, and this light as a feather piece fell into my hands while in Santa Monica. The color is definitely out of my comfort zone, but the sporty vibe is just what I needed in my revamped summer wardrobe. Paired with my sparkly jellies, trusty bag, and iced latte, I was ready to tackle the zillion degree day. 

romper- Adidas Originals 
shoes- Juju Jellies
bag- H&M
sunglasses- Urban Outfitters


Beach Please

Hellooo! Once again, I am so so so sorry for not being consistent lately. Work, insanely high temperatures, and sheer exhaustion have kept me from posting as often as I'd like. 
My style has definitely shifted lately, I've become much more minimal in what I wear, especially due to the weather. This summer I'm focused on stocking my closet with basic and timeless pieces that I can wear in endless ways. 
A trip to the beach usually isn't a big fashion opportunity, but putting a few basic pieces together can really step up any bikini and sandals. My new plain white tee was perfect for layering over a tribal bikini top, and high waisted cutoffs are an absolute essential (I recently chopped a few more inches off in a flurry of 100-degree-LA-frustration). I recently bought some new Birkenstocks, I love how they're the classics but not the same style that everyone seems to have lately. Finally, my classic add-ons: sunnies, a delicately long gold necklace, wooden bracelet, and my beloved fringe bag. 
Long story short, don't get stuck in the rut of dressing for the beach! Never ever underestimate the power of some simple pieces and comfy layering. And never EVER underestimate a white tee. Ever. 

tee- H&M
shorts- Levi's (vintage)
bikini top- H&M
shoes- Birkenstock
glasses- Urban Outfitters
bag- H&M


Off Balance

Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was relaxing/turnt/however you wanted it to be. I spent the entire day watching the whole third season of Orange Is the New Black, so my week is off to a pretty great start. 
I was originally skeptical of the sneaker trend, especially with girly pieces like dresses or skirts. My Adidas Superstars were a toe-dip into the trend, and once I fell in love with those I knew I had to get New Balances. The all black pair was an obvious choice, and I'm already surprised by how comfortable and versatile they are. For their first time out, I went for it and paired them with a skirt. 
I know my standard of "girly" isn't exactly everyone's, because although I constantly wear skirts they're almost always dark or boyish in some way. This leather skirt has been with me for years and I never get tired of it, it can be worn in countless ways. This silky black tee was just bought for wearing to work, but it's draping capability was too good to pass up with this skirt. A peek of lace bralette underneath softened the look, and my new balances added the finishing sporty touch. 

tee- H&M
skirt- Urban Outfitters
bralette- Forever 21
shoes- New Balance


Olive and Let Die

Wow, it's literally been summer vacation for one week and I already am busy beyond belief. I try my hardest to make blogging a top priority but please forgive me if I'm inconsistent or go M.I.A. Having plans every day is hectic, but I love being busy with friends and work and fun instead of studying. I like to enjoy every minute that I can during summer, especially since next summer I'll be packing for college (what?!?).
Anyways, it's become minimal-clothing, multiple-iced-lattes-per-day weather here in LA. Although the crazy high temperatures force me to shed my go-to sweaters and knits, I maintain my sanity by playing with textures and colors. I'm not the biggest fan of green in large doses, but these two pieces suddenly clicked in my mind and I had to test it out. My favorite corduroy skirt went perfectly with the burlap feel of this bralette top, the heavy textiles were balanced out by the sheer lack of coverage. This fringe bag has become a staple, and I laced up my docs for the first time in forever to add a heavy finish. 
I'm off to Amoeba to search for Childish Gambino and Best Coast's albums, I promise I will be posting regularly very soon! I hope you're enjoying your summer xx

skirt- Urban Outfitters (Crossroads)
top- Urban Outfitters
bag- H&M
boots- Dr. Martens


Cross My Heart

Yes, I know, I've been wearing these shoes and this bag quite frequently. I just love how these shoes are casual but still dress things up a bit, and I've already tired myself out explaining my love for fringed bags. 
I'm a firm believer in the rule that if your going to showcase one feature, keep the rest covered. I don't enforce that rule for the modesty- I think everyone has the right to show off whatever body parts they want in whatever way they want- I just think it looks better to have one feature standing out. For me, it's usually my legs. As you know by now I'm obsessed with layering sweaters and flowy tops over tiny skirts and dresses, my legs are definitely my favorite feature. 
Aaaaanyways, I broke out my silky sequined shorts for the first time in awhile. The weightlessness of the shorts was weighed down by this cozy long sleeve, pushed off-shoulder to be comfortable until the sun and temperatures dropped. Driving around in the golden hour makes sunglasses a necessity, so I grabbed the latest addition to my sunglasses collection- I'm obsessed with this shape and these will hold me over until I can actually afford Ray Bans. I finally threw on my trusty platforms and bag, and headed out the door towards a night spent happily wandering Koreatown. 
Also, IT'S SUMMER! I'm now considered a senior in high school, which is bizarre, but I'm so excited for the adventures and opportunities that this summer already has in store. 

shorts- Wildfox Couture
top- Urban Outfitters
shoes- Chinese Laundry
bag- H&M
bralette- Urban Outfitters
sunglasses- Urban Outfitters



Fun fact: this shoot took place immediately after downing a grande iced coffee, and I was doing a toddler dance in between every photo.
Lately I've been drawn to simple pieces in neutral colors and interesting textiles. Tweed, silk, cashmere, and leather are so perfect for mixing and layering to create subtle contrasts. I may not wear crazy prints together, but I have no problem with some tweed trousers and a silk tank. Maybe it's time for me to step out of my comfort zone, or maybe I'm just settling into a new style. 
I am so infinitely infatuated with my new pants. They are perfect: tweed, black and grey, high waisted, and cropped at the ankle. I can't wait to wear them with turtlenecks and pullovers as fall rolls around, but for today's sunshine I slipped on a silky tank top for a nice and comfortable contrast. I absolutely love pairing platform shoes with cropped pants, so my Chinese Laundry sandals were a no-brainer. The latest in my sweater addiction, my cozy Dior investment kept me perfectly warm until the sun came out (leave it to me to drop serious cash on an oversized men's sweater). Finally, I grabbed my favorite fringe bag. This bag makes every look a head turner, it's so simple but it adds just enough drama. 

pants- Ann Taylor Loft (thrifted)
tank- Forever 21
cardigan- Dior
bag- H&M
shoes- Chinese Laundry