Grandma Chic

The latest and greatest in my grandma-sweater collection!
This beauty was thrifted yesterday, and I immediately pictured it contrasting with my green corduroy skirt. This skirt is so versatile, who knew corduroy could be layered with so many other textures? Ok, a lot of people probably knew that, but as a new corduroy fan I'm very impressed. 
I have this curse in which I always find amazing cold-weather pieces once the weather starts to warm up. I'm infinitely grateful to live in sunny Los Angeles but really, do I have to find a Nike windbreaker when it's already 80 degrees out? However, an overcast day let me display my new chunky sweater with comfort. My simple white cami and white bralette were the essential middlemen to balance the two textures, and my oxfords added their typical hint of edge. 

skirt- Urban Outfitters
tank- thrifted
bralette- Urban Outfitters
sweater- thrifted
shoes- Dr. Martens
necklace- H&M


God Wants You

Finding a genuine Yeezus Tour shirt is another thing I consider a grand accomplishment in my life, they're surprisingly hard to find. 
For some astrological reason that I can't really fathom, I've gone all week without wearing all-black. Unintentionally, I went with my comfortable color palate with the treasured Yeezus shirt and trusty leather mini. I can't believe how long I've had this skirt, it was one of my first purchases after getting out of my girly phase and it's become a staple in my closet- I can't imagine not having it. My jelly shoes (another item that's become versatile despite original doubt) were the perfect pop of unexpected.

skirt- Urban Outfitters
jacket- Calvin Klein (vintage)
shoes- Juju Jellies


Fest Dressed

Although Coachella wrapped up this Sunday, festival season is far from over. Soooo, here's my ideal outfit if I had the money/time to head to one of LA's famous festivals!
The ideal fest outfit (especially if you're camping) has to be light, easy, and no-fuss. High waisted shorts are perfect- super comfortable and infinitely versatile. Tiny, light camis are great tops because they're comfy and can be layered with any sweater/flannel. Finally, flannels are ideal because they can be worn trillions of ways and they can be warm while still light and dance-able. And for shoes, please do yourself a favor and stay away from your cute, trendy black ankle boots that you've been dying to break in. You're feet will be killing you within the first set, not to mention the multiple layers of dirt and dust that they'll be caked in. Docs, converse, or any other shoes that you know you'll be comfy in are ideal. 
Today I wore a slight variation of this look to school (these shorts don't exactly comply with my dress code.) My new tank from Buffalo Exchange is just what I've been looking for, breathable fabric in a cute shape and texture. My high waisted jeans were the perfect contrast, and my comfiest flannel balanced everything out with it's reliable softness. 

shorts- Levi's (vintage)
top- Buffalo Exchange
flannel- vintage
boots- Dr. Martens 


Platforming Opinions

Happy Monday! 
Here are two of the three things I bought during my "treat yo self" splurge at Buffalo Exchange on Friday night. I had armfuls of things to try on, but nothing worked out except for the three things that I noticed and grabbed on my way into the dressing room (of course). These pants called out to me due to the visible softness and navy print, two of my weaknesses when it comes to pants. They fit perfectly, and a thrifted belt lets me take them into the high-waisted category easy peasy. 
Next up came the shoes. Absolutely nothing feels better than spotting an amazing pair of shoes, taking them off the shelf, turning them over, and seeing your size on the bottom sticker. They're surprisingly comfortable, I wore them all day at school and never had to readjust or break them in. 
To highlight the new pants and statement shoes, I stuck with basics. White cami with a white bralette underneath, a black cardigan, and a simple long necklace did the trick. 

pants- Buffalo Exchange
cami- thrifted
cardigan- Urban Outfitters
bralette- Urban Outfitters
belt- thrifted
necklace- H&M
shoes- Buffalo Exchange


I'll Be There For You

Just another quickie outfit post from another Friday night date with my best friend. 
For some reason I was determined to dress like Rachel from Friends tonight. My 3/4 sleeve vintage crop top is perfect for LA nights, the long-ish sleeves provide the perfect amount of warmth without feeling stuffy. A plaid American Apparel circle skirt was essential for the 90's vibe, just high waisted enough to compliment the crop top. Finally, my Superstars were slipped on and worn out for the third time without a speck of dirt (I hope I didn't just jinx it).
I indulged in some retail therapy, partly because I'm not currently at Coachella and partly because I didn't get Rolling Stones tickets this morning. I got some really good pieces and I'll try to shoot/post them tomorrow! I'm still bummed about missing out on Mick Jagger, but at least I'm bummed out in some cute new shoes.

shirt- vintage
skirt- American Apparel
shoes- Adidas Originals
watch- Marc Jacobs
bag- Coach


Cargo Away

Another look that I got to shoot while in San Francisco! I love my dad's area of the city because it has so many different settings, the beach is just a bike ride away from this huge grassy path, which is just a drive away from Union Square. 
These cargo pants are very unappreciated. I found them in SF over a year ago, and this may be their second time out of the closet. For some reason I find it difficult to pair things with them, but sticking to basics was the way to go. First off was the white tank-bralette combo that I've been wearing way too often lately (I fear the tank will just disintegrate in the washing machine one of these days). On top of that went my dad's flannel, taken directly from his closet while he wasn't looking. There is absolutely nothing comfier than oversized flannels and oversized sweaters, don't try to argue with me on this. My new favorite necklaces were layered, the cargos were cuffed, and my chelsea boots were put on- I was ready to get my Haight St. brunch on.

pants- thrifted
tank- thrifted
bralette- Urban Outfitters
flannel- St. John's Bay
boots- Steve Madden 
necklaces- H&M
bag- Coach